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because i'm pretty special like that, i am finally posting pictures from maiko's going away party on sunday, and also some of the day she left.

tobin being dramatic and lying on dan

the girls being good and posing for the camera

aww maiko, and meggers in the background

maiko with rice balls in her mouth

lyssy being mad ghetto

dan and tobin just being odd

ahh, yes, this was when they took my lipgloss and tried to write things on dan. they originally wanted to put it on his feet and i was like "um, i put that on my mouth!"

maiko the last day in mero's class

trying to stop preston from taking pictures, like that can ever happen

EDIT: i'm really sorry for the picture that used to be here, i didn't know that it was going to offend anyone. please forgive my rudeness and for being inconsiderate.
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