Elise (sacre_bloodyblu) wrote in takesome_prozac,

and now here are the ones from today's camera whoring...

preston hiding in his very comfortable sweater

preston and spin listening to his ipod because they're way too call to talk to us

me being mildly crack whore-ish (trust me, i didn't want to put this one in but i was kinda forced)

me being very crack whore-ish

lyssy eating chocolate

preston really eating chocolate lol

preston comforting me after he bashed my knee in with a lock

i so get take advantage of lol

... and get forced to use my hair as floss which is not so fun

see michaela be retarded

see michaela giggle

see michaela bite, bite michaela bite

and see michaela be a massive sped. no worries, we love you.
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